Who we are

At SM Operators we have developed highly efficient systems of ecommerce logistics, order fulfillment, shipping & warehousing. The ecommerce order fulfillment and logistics industry revolves around controlling three factors: costs, delivery times and accuracy. We consistently outperform our competition because of our custom proprietary ecommerce logistics and warehousing systems. Our expertise has allowed us to provide cost effective services and solutions for business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies – regardless of a company’s warehousing and shipping volumes.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding logistic services to our clients to allow them to better compete within their respective industries.

Chicago Map Picture

Location, Location, Location. Our centralized main distribution center has many strategic benefits. Chicago is near the middle of the country, and close to the Canadian border, allowing us to have efficient access to the United States and Canada. Chicago’s O’Hare airport (one of the largest in the U.S.) and rail system allow us to be able to receive inventory from all parts of the country and the world with time and cost efficiencies. Centralized distribution allows fast average delivery times and low average delivery cost to nearly every major market. Our location gives B2C companies the ability to store their entire inventory in one location, instead having to spread their inventory across multiple warehouses throughout the country. This lowers costs and increases efficiencies, allowing our clients to be more competitive and giving the end user a better service.


Our high volume allows us to receive discounted prices from USPS, Fedex, UPS, USPS shipping partners and Canadian postal and parcel carriers, along with discounts on packaging and shipping materials and international shipments. Our discounts are passed on to our clients, giving our customers lower costs in order fulfillment, order management, warehousing, and distribution. Our clients can take their reduced costs and add them to their bottom line or lower their prices to become more price competitive in the market. Ecommerce retailers are competing against retailers of all sizes therefore having a fulfillment and logistics 3PL partner that can reduce your logistics costs allows our clients to better compete in the market.

We have in-house online retail, direct response, and brick and mortar industry experts. They are a valuable part of our team, allowing us to understand what our business clients strive for and what, ultimately, the final consumer expects from their shipped orders.
Whether you are shipping 5 orders a day or 10000, we have the ability to properly service any volume-sized ecommerce fulfillment, order management, warehousing and shipping requirements. While our rates depends on the size of a contract, our overall pricing is based on the volume we give to our suppliers and carriers, making us competitive at every volume level of ecommerce fulfillment and logistics.