FBA Product Prep & Shipping

At SM Operators we have a dedicated Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) product preparation and shipping division.  Our clients who partake in our FBA program, ship their designated FBA merchandise to our distribution center where it is injected into our FBA product prep system.  We have a dedicated FBA product prep and shipping facility staffed by employees who are specifically trained on FBA product prep and shipping policies put in place by Amazon.  Our expertise and large scale efficiencies reduce our clients FBA shipping and product prep costs when compared to internal Amazon FBA product prep or to in-house FBA product prep.

Our Mission At Our FBA Department

To provide accurate and efficient FBA product preparation and shipping while reducing our clients costs in their FBA logistics related operations

FBA Product Prep
PRODUCT CATEGORY EXPERTISE.  SM Operator employees in our FBA department are extensively trained on the requirements for product prep for each product category within FBA.  Each product type and category requires specific preparation to meet the Fulfillment By Amazon requirements.  Failure to properly label, poly-bag or prepare inventories to meet Amazon’s strict requirements can cost re-prep fees, charged by FBA, and warnings.  Enough warnings can cause a retailer to lose their ability to ship to FBA.  We handle FBA product preparation policies and requirements with extreme care along with constantly updating our training programs with changes or new requirements placed by Fulfillment By Amazon.
FBA Product Receiving
EFFICIENT RECEIVING SYSTEMS.  Our Fulfillment By Amazon facilities are outfitted with systems and automated machines to increase product prep accuracy and efficiency.  Product receiving systems designate inventories to be placed for FBA shipment versus non-FBA (merchant fulfilled, eBay, website, and other channels).  This fast inventory recognition allows us to turn-around receive product efficiently and ship to FBA.  The faster turn-around result in faster product turns, reducing the cost of holding inventory for our clients.  We can also preprogram FBA shipments to be shipped out before we receive merchandise for our clients or our client’s suppliers.  This allows for product to be shipped to FBA within 12 to 24 hours of receiving.
AUTOMATED MACHINES.  Along with highly efficient product prep employees, we have poly-bagging and labeling machines that allow us to increase our packing and prep rates.  The increased product turn-out lowers our costs, which then allows us to pass that on to our clients.  When comparing our costs to that of in-house product prep or to sending inventories directly to FBA for FBA product prep, our costs tend to be significantly lower.  Our clients use our FBA prepping services to reduce their costs and product prepping errors, resulting in an overall increase in FBA performance.
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FLEXIBLE.  Whether your company is shipping 50 pallets a day or 1 carton a day to FBA, we have the systems, employees and expertise to accommodate.  We work with our clients to receive the merchandise directly from their suppliers to then turn around and ship their product quickly to FBA.  We have the ability to receive full truck loads and containers, de-van, and reship large shipments within 12 hours if needed, along with storing inventories for extended periods of time as well.  Our FBA product prep and shipping programs are tailored to each individual client in order to perform efficiently and meet the needs of each account.

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