We work with our clients to understand their product and inventory category.  We then create a system to adequately  store inventories in the safest manner possible, keeping the product fresh and protected.  We customize an inventory storage layout to efficiently warehouse inventories at the lowest possible price for our clients, saving them storage fees and making the product accessible to fast order fulfillment.


Our order management and IT teams work with our clients to jointly standardize systems and link softwares to have efficient and compatible order management.  We are able to link most online shopping cart platforms and order management softwares to our system. Our aim is to make this transition feel completely seamless. Furthermore, we provide our clients with constant real-time order and inventory management.  Keeping live information allows us to properly administer incoming orders and advise clients if there are any inventory or order discrepancies to resolve or adjust for.

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We have a wide array of shipping services available.  From same-day local delivery, to standard ground shipments within the United States, to overnight shipments to China, our clients have the ability to choose from our shipping options to develop an appropriate shipping solution for their company.  We have high-volume, unpublished shipping discounts with USPS, USPS Shipping Partners, UPS, and Fedex, giving us the ability to pass on our discounts to our clients.  Regardless of the shipping methods chosen, our clients have access to some of the lowest prices available in the order fulfillment industry.


With efficient and top-of-the-line order management, warehousing, and shipping software, and unique and industry leading shipping and warehousing systems, we have a 99.6% order accuracy system.  Nobody is perfect, however we come very close.  We are fast, yet accurate in our picking and packing, and have developed efficient and protective packing methods.  Our shipments arrive protected and accurately, giving our clients confidence that their customers are getting what they ordered, well protected, and in the delivery time advertised.