Books, Magazines & Other Print Media

Our shipping rates are the most competitive and efficient between 6oz and 5lbs. Books and magazine generally tend to fall within this weight window, allowing our customers to benefit from very competitive postage prices.

Our climate controlled warehouses and our proprietary order management systems allow our customers to have efficient media shipments along with live inventory reporting.


Business Mailers

We offer business mailers mailing services for companies with both small and expansive mailing lists. Whether you are shipping postcards, pamphlets, or catalogues, our reduced postage prices allow our clients to lower their marketing costs when reaching their customers.

Our address verification system is constantly updated and allows us to filter bad addresses to either omit or correct before shipping any materials. We ship through USPS multiple times a day and on the weekends, giving our clients a consistent outflow of shipments without delays.

CDs & DVDs

The light-weight nature of CDs and DVDs allow these products to fall into our low weight profile weight class, one of our most efficient weight classes. We ship these products in our well protected bubble mailers, reducing costs for our clients while giving them the peace of mind of having their products shipped in a protective package.


Inventory, Warehousing & Order Management

Our inventory, warehousing, order management and logistic services allow our clients to have an advantage over their competition. Outsourcing these services to us allows our clients to do what they do best while utilizing our expertise to beat their competitors in shipping efficiencies and professionalism.