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We ship thousands of nutraceuticals (vitamins and supplements) everyday for our clients.  Our reduced postage rates between 6oz and 5lbs allow our nutraceutical clients to beat out their competition on pricing.  In the highly competitive industry of eCommerce retail of vitamins and supplements, delivering at a low cost and in a timely matter can mean the difference between making and keeping and customer and losing that customer to the competition.  SM Operators’ nutraceutical fulfillment has allowed our clients to be better positioned in this competitive market.

Vitamin PIlls
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Fast Shipping Transit Times

It is vital to deliver on-time to your customers.  Our low-priced Standard Shipping option has an average transit time of 2.8 days to the entire Continental U.S.  Customer’s choosing a standard shipping method from our clients get their products fast and at a low cost.

We offer a wide array of specialty shipping methods as well.  From expedited, to overnight, to international, our shipping methods are fast and accurate.  Our systems allow our clients to either pre-determine the carrier (like FedEx or USPS) that they want to use, or can choose the least expensive shipping method that fits the attributes of the delivery time requested.

Picking & Packing Accuracy

Our inventory and warehouse management systems allow us to pick products from the shelf with nearly 100% accuracy.  Vitamin and supplement front-facing product labels can vary in the slightest of ways that can be almost undetectable to the human eye.  We use a hybrid system of bar code scanners, manual UPC number checks, and invoice verification scanning to triple check that each product picked matches the product ordered by the customer.  We understand the importance of delivering the right product to our client’s customers.  Accurate deliveries prevent unnecessary costs in reshipments, refunds and customer disappointment.

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Inventory, Warehousing & Order Management

Our warehouse systems allow us to provide our clients with live and up-to-date inventory levels.  The systems that we have developed are integrated with the software platforms that our clients utilize, giving both sides accurate information that is automatically updated.


Our warehouse and storage facilities are climate controlled to assure that our clients products are properly stored.  We also use efficient warehousing schemes that maximize the efficiency of the space used to reduce our clients warehousing costs and to increase our picking and packing speeds.

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